List of chemical compounds and their common names and formulas

Chemical Compounds list & formula– Let’s find out first what a Chemical Compound- is a chemical combination of two or more similar molecules collected together the atoms bonded with chemical bonding. To get a proper chemical compound, always specific rations of chemicals are involved in the composition to get the final mixture. We will surely find many compounds in our day to day life like (H2O), which is water, our daily need, so in this compound, two molecules of Hydrogen gets combined with one molecule of Oxygen to have one molecule of water. Other similar examples are CO2 means carbon dioxide, which we exhale every time.

Common Names of Chemical Compounds

For every chemical compound, there will be a chemical name or scientific name and a familiar name or popular name. Scientific names are mostly referenced by chemists and scientists in the usual way to derive a particular chemical compound from the compositions. But in general, they are known by their common name; and some are usable in our daily routine. For example, salt, which is the common name for NaCl, is Sodium chloride.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula is like the word defines that is formula means a unique combination of a chemical compound derived from chemical elements having a proper ratio of all atoms involved in the formula. The formula many at times have subscript to the right of their side which indicates the total count of molecule involved in it.

A chemical formula is actual representation consist of all information related to the composition of that material or substance. It also helps to understand the pattern of arrangement of the atoms in the compound.
For more clarity and help, we have shared many chemical compounds below for our readers –

Common names and Formulas of Important Chemical Compounds

In the below tables, there is the list of chemical compound, common names & chemical formula –

Chemical CompoundCommon NamesChemical formulas
Acetic acidethanoic acidCH3COOH
Ammonium Ferrous SulphateMohr’s Salt(NH4)2 Fe(SO4)
Calcium OxychlorideBleaching powderCaOCL2
Calcium CarbonateChalk (Marble)CaCo3
Copper SulphateBlue VitriolCuSO4 XH20
Caustic PotashPotassium HydroxideKOH
Calcium SulphatePlaster of ParisCaSo4 2H2O
Calcium HydroxideSlaked LimeCa(OH)2
Calcium OxideQuick LimeCaO
Deuterium OxideHeavy WaterD2O
Ferrous SulphateGreen VitriolFeSo4
Mercuric SulphideVermeliumHgS
Magnesium SulphateEpsomMgSO4
MethaneMarsh GasCH4
Magnesium OxideMagnesiaMgO
Nitrous OxideLaughing GasN2O
Potassium HydroxideCaustic SodaNaOH
Potassium Aluminum SulphatePotash Alum6H201/2 h2O
Sodium bicarbonateBaking powderNaHCO3
Solid Carbon dioxideDry IceCO2
Sodium CarbonateWashing SodaNa2Co3
Silicon OxideSandSiO2
Trichloro MethaneChloroformCaOCL2
Zinc SulphateWhite VitriolZnSo4.7H20

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